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So easy to use and prompt response to my questions. Would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking into small claims court. Explains the process and what steps to take.

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File in CA Small Claims Court to Get Your Money Back

Small Claims Court is a great option if the amount you are owed is less than the court limits. It’s less expensive than other courts and involves simpler procedures. There are three key steps to a Small Claims case:

(1) File your case: submit completed court forms to officially begin the lawsuit.
(2) Serve the other party: notify them about the lawsuit and when they need to go to court.
(3) Go to court: present your case to the Judge and get a formal judgment deciding who owes you money and how much.



  • Usually, the filling fees are $30 for claims up to $1,500, $50 for claims between $1500.01 to $5,000, and $75 for claims above $5,000. If you’ve filed more than 12 cases in the last 12 months you may have to pay $100.

  • Many court filing-related fees are reimbursable if you win your case!

  • JusticeDirect will keep you informed throughout the process so you know your exact costs and fees.

  • Your case has to be about money, and the amount of money can’t be too big. It has to be under $12,500 if you are suing as a person, or $6,250 if you’re suing as a business.

  • If your case does not fit into these dollar amounts, you can still send a .

  • Figuring out the forms and processes for filing a case can take hours and weeks. With JusticeDirect you will receive completed court forms in as little as 20 minutes.

  • After filing your case, the court will set a hearing date for you, usually 2-4 months from when you filed.

  • Once the hearing is over, it typically takes the court 5-10 business days to make a decision.

Each lawsuit is different. Don't wait to file your lawsuit, most statute of limitations are for 2 years. .

So long as there isn't another court that is more specific to your lawsuit (for example, eviction court), then the lawsuit can be filed in small claims.

The most common types of small claims lawsuits in California are:

  • Security Deposit. ​Your landlord did not return your security deposit.

  • Rent. Your tenant or roommate didn't pay the rent.

  • Loan. You loaned someone money and they didn't pay you back.

  • Car Accident. Someone hit your car while driving and now you have to pay for the repair work.

  • Mechanic. ​You hired a mechanic to repair your car and they did a terrible job.

  • Contractors. You hired a contractor to perform work at your home and they did a terrible job.

  • Neighbor. Your neighbor damaged your property.

  • Contracts. You had a contract with someone and they broke the contract.

  • Damage to Property. Someone damaged your property (e.g. house, car, bicycle).

  • Goods. You bought an item and didn't receive it or you sold an item and didn't get paid for it.

  • Insurance Companies. Your insurance company didn't pay you for a claim they should have paid you for.

  • Services. You paid for a service and didn't receive it or you provided a service and didn't get paid.

  • Personal Injury. Someone caused you to get hurt.

Only the judge can decide this 👩‍⚖️

To have a better chance at winning, your evidence must be organized and you are prepared to tell your side of the story to the judge. We help you prepare for the hearing by creating an organized evidence packet for you!

  • You will have to file the SC-100 at the minimum. Depending on your scenario, you may want to file additional forms for accommodations like a foreign language translator or physical disability needs.

  • JusticeDirect generates the SC-100 for you and guides you through which additional forms you may need.

  • Before your case hearing, you need to “serve” the other party, which is letting them know they have been sued and they need to appear in court. We will present to you different options to choose for service. The cost of service is also reimbursable if you win!

  • Most importantly, you will need to prepare for your court hearing!

Yes, we help you with 3 options:‍

(1) we hire a process server for you,
(2) we work with the sheriff (not available in all counties),
(3) we work with one of your friends to serve the lawsuit.

*Note, in some counties the court clerk can serve using certified mail but it is not recommended. Many counties have discontinued this service as it doesn't work 95% of the time.

  • Being well-prepared for your Small Claims hearing will increase your chances of winning. For example, you can attend another Small Claims hearing to see what it’s like. You will also want to collect all the evidence to present to the Judge.

  • With the , you will receive a checklist on exactly what to do before, during, and after your court hearing. Most importantly, you will have all your important information organized and presented in a compelling format, so you can go to court prepared and convince the Judge!

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