Camila Lopez

Camila Lopez

Legal Educator @ People Clerk. Camila is an attorney, consumer advocate, and mediator. Her passion is breaking down complicated legal processes so that people without an attorney can get justice.

As an attorney, she had family and friends constantly reaching out to her with their legal problems. She quickly realized that many of their legal problems were considered “small claims” as they related to security deposits, contracts, and car accidents. But when she referred them to small claims court, the "People's Court", they were quickly overwhelmed and frustrated by the process.

She started watching hundreds of small claims hearings and she realized that people were consistently unprepared for their hearings. They would show up missing one of the key procedural steps like correctly filing the small claims lawsuit and serving the other party. They would also show up to their hearings without the correct evidence or disorganized evidence which would lead to frustrated judges and disappointing results. This made her realize that the "People's Court" wasn't serving those who needed it the most.

With her co-founder, Gustavo Lozano, an engineer and product manager, they built People Clerk to help individuals navigate the court system in an easy and affordable way. As the Chief Legal Architect at People Clerk, she has designed the People Clerk platform so that individuals can learn how to pursue their small claims lawsuits on their own.

Her mission is to highlight the struggles of people without an attorney when they interact with courts and government agencies. She hopes that with her advocacy, systemic change can occur so that individuals without attorneys have a fair chance when exercising their legal rights. As a trained mediator, she also has a passion for the out-of-court resolution of disputes.

Prior to People Clerk, she worked in plaintiff’s mass torts litigation (she still aspires to be the next Erin Brockovich) and in consumer protection at the New York Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection. She attended Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City where she received the Mark Whitlock Scholarship for her effort, energy, spirit, and initiative that strengthened student life and served on the leadership of the Alternative Dispute Resolution team.

She was born in Cartagena, Colombia and has lived in Texas, Florida, New York, and California. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, go bears!

On the weekends, you can find her paddle boarding with her dog, Galileo.

Cami Lopez Galileo Dog