About Us

Our Story

People Clerk is a Los Angeles- based company designed by a consumer lawyer and an engineer.

After going to small claims court on numerous occasions we were frustrated by what we saw: parties arriving unprepared for hearings, conflicting information provided by court staff, and parties failing to follow procedural rules. This frustration led us to create a platform that would help parties have the best possible shot at obtaining justice.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation. Making a more accessible legal system is integral to our mission.


Creating a more accessible legal system for those of different social, economic, or cultural backgrounds. Together we want to help you gain confidence as you get justice.

Our Values


At People Clerk, empathy is one of our keystones. Each person comes from a different social, economic, and cultural background that influences their life. While we may never have been in the situation our clients face, we try to understand where our clients are coming from.


Our decisions and actions are always consistent with our values and principles. We trust our clients and strive to be transparent and honest with our clients. We keep our word and seek to give back and help others.


We have learned that professionalism goes a long way. In the arena of litigation, we do not let emotions drive the process. We work with the facts and pursue a case with the utmost professionalism to achieve our clients' goals.