The Issue

Tens of millions of people each year represent themselves in civil court because they cannot afford a lawyer. They navigate a court system built by lawyers and for lawyers without any end-to-end support. Millions more people every year do not even try to stand up for their rights because they are not sure where to start. This access to justice crisis poses a significant threat to the rule of law and the fundamental structure of our society. We aim to end this crisis.

Our Mission

We founded Quest for Justice to increase access to justice through the power of technology. We launched the JusticeDirect platform in November 2021 with a mission to empower ordinary people to fight for their rights and get justice. We believe that everyone deserves access to justice, regardless of their financial situation or legal experience. We’re committed to helping people get the justice they deserve and strive to eliminate the access to justice gap in this country.

Who We Are

We are a technology company building self-help solutions for civil disputes. Our platform guides users, step-by-step, on their legal journey from generating a demand letter, to completing and filing court forms. JusticeDirect also helps guide users in building a full trial presentation they can use in court to present a more complete case. While the legal information on our site is created by attorneys, we are NOT a law firm and we do NOT provide legal advice.

Development & Design

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Anthony Via

Sr. Staff Software Engineer


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UX/UI Lead


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Robert Deposada


Organizational Growth

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Beca Roberts

Marketing Manager


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Co-Founder & CEO

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Camila Lopez

Director of Business Development

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Carolina Barbalace

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Customer Success Manager

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Gustavo Lozano

Principal Product Manager

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Patrick Forrest

Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer

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Yin Seo


Quest for Justice, LLC dba People Clerk is not an attorney or a law firm, therefore, People Clerk does not provide legal advice. People Clerk uses technology to reduce the costs of pursuing a small claims dispute.

People Clerk can only provide self-help services at your direction. People Clerk is not affiliated or endorsed by any government agency.

We can be reached at (650) 385-8507 or by email at [email protected].