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Attend Hearing

Cases less than $10,000


Individuals & Sole Proprietors

can sue for...

Up to $10,000

Businesses can sue for...

Up to $5,000

If you are owed more than the amount you can sue for, you can still sue for the maximum amount allowed, but you must waive any additional amount over the limit.

Example: You are an individual and you paid $11,000 for someone to paint your home. They didn't paint your home. You can sue in small claims court for $10,000 and waive  $1,000. 


Types of Lawsuits 

Many types of lawsuits can be brought in Small Claims Court. 

Here are some examples

  • Security Deposit. ​Your landlord did not return your security deposit

  • Rent. Your tenant did not pay you rent.

  • LoanYou loaned someone money and they didn't pay you back.

  • Unpaid LaborYou did work for someone and they didn't pay you. 

  • Repair WorkYou hired someone to repair an item and they did a terrible job.

  • Defective ProductsSomeone sold you a defective product. 

  • Contracts. You had a contract with someone and they broke the contract. 

  • Damage to Property. Someone damaged your property (e.g. house, car, bicycle).

  • Goods. You bought an item and didn't receive it or you sold an item and didn't get paid for it. 

  • Services. You paid for a service and didn't receive it or you provided a service and didn't get paid

  • Personal Injury. Someone caused you to get hurt. 



Benefits of Small Claims Court

It is easy.

You don't need a lawyer & you don't need to be a lawyer. 

It is cheap.

Filing fees are cheap & if you win, the person you sue can be ordered to pay back your costs.

It is quick.

Hearing is scheduled within 2 months after you file your case. 

Other Common Questions About Small Claims 

Click through the questions below to learn more. 

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