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How People Clerk Works

File & Serve Lawsuit

Send a Demand Letter

Prepare Evidence Packet

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File Lawsuit

We prepare and file your lawsuit with the court by mail or electronically. This depends on each court.

Serve Lawsuit

We notify the other party that they have been sued. Explore the serving options.

Get Ready for Your Hearing

You send us your evidence and we create a judge-friendly evidence packet for your hearing.

Attorney Review (Optional)

An independent attorney will review your court documents & evidence.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Wow! What a great resource!

Wow. What an amazing resource. Making the all important tool of small claims court accessible to everyone. And the hands on customer support exceeded all my expectations. I really felt like they were there for me.

They were extremely helpful

They were extremely helpful with my small claims case. Very well organized and the website was simple to use. The employees there were very responsive and helped with any question I had.

People Clerk are the best!

Using People Court to help you navigate through the small claims process is a no-brainer! They make it so easy and are great to work with. Very reasonably priced as well! I would use them again in a heart beat!

Why People Clerk?

Navigate Beaurocratic

We make it easy to navigate the bureaucratic court system

You answer simple questions online in 20 minutes or less. We deal with the mundane government forms.
Printing and Mailing

Printing & Mailing

We take care of all the printing & mailing of your court documents when filing & serving. We can even print your evidence and mail it to you, the court, and the other party for you!

Preparation and Evidence

Hearing preparation & evidence packet

Increase your chances of winning by being prepared. We help you prepare for your hearing with an organized evidence packet. We can even print & mail your evidence!

Attorney Review

Attorney Review

Get suggestions for your evidence by having an attorney review your court documents and evidence before going to court.