How People Clerk Works

  1. Prepare Your Lawsuit
    • After you complete our intake and upload your evidence, we will prepare your lawsuit documents.
    • You will review your lawsuit documents and once you approve, we will send them to you for signing.
  2. File Your Lawsuit
    • If your court has electronic filing, we will file the lawsuit for you.
    • If your court doesn't allow electronic filing, we will mail you a packet with everything you will need to mail the lawsuit to the court for filing (no printing, trips to the post office, or to the court).
    • We will make sure the court processes your lawsuit and keep you updated on the status.
  3. Serve Your Lawsuit
  4. Once the court files your lawsuit, we will serve your lawsuit.

    There are 3 ways that a lawsuit can be served on our platform (friend/relative, sheriff, process server).

    Here is what each option looks like:

    • If you select a friend/relative to serve your lawsuit, we mail a serving packet to them w ith step-by-step instructions on how to serve the person/business you are suing.
    • If you select the sheriff, we mail you a serving packet to sign. We include a return envelope with postage pre-paid so you can drop it off in your mailbox and the post office picks it up.
    • If you select a process server, we send your lawsuit to a process server.

    All these options involve us making sure serving has been completed and that the proof of service has been filed with the court!

  5. Help You Win by Preparing You for the Hearing
    • Once you upload your evidence, we will prepare an evidence packet for you.
    • Our evidence packets are organized in a judge-friendly manner with a table of contents, page numbers, titles, and descriptions.
    • You will be able to download and print the evidence packet before your hearing (we can also print and mail it to you).
    • You will have access to all our hearing preparation content including how to prepare, what to say at the hearing, and evidence checklists.
    • If your court has a virtual hearing procedure for sending the evidence to the court and the other party before the hearing, we will help you comply.
  6. Keep You Updated Each Step of the Way
    • You will receive reminders of the next steps and updates so you never miss a deadline.
    • You will have access to a legal assistant and chat/email support.