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How People Clerk Works

Camila Lopez - People Clerk - April 10, 2023

Explore our demand letter tool and small claims service.

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    People Clerk empowers individuals and small businesses to navigate small legal disputes on their own. We give you the tools to write & send a legal letter or escalate your dispute to small claims court.

    Demand Letter Tool

    Our demand letter tool uses artificial intelligence to help you write a formal demand letter. Learn more.

    Our tool is available in all 50 states, and it's completely free to use, including the download of the final letter.

    Small Claims Assistance

    Our small claims assistance service is available in California, New York, and Texas.

    Prepare Your Lawsuit

    Once you've completed our intake and uploaded all your evidence, we'll prepare your lawsuit documents. After that, we'll send your documents over to you for review, and once you give us the green light, we'll send them your way for signing.

    File Your Lawsuit

    We pride ourselves on knowing how to navigate different court filing processes.

    • If your court has electronic filing, we will file the lawsuit for you.

    • If your court doesn't have electronic filing (or has a faulty system for electronic filing), we'll send you a comprehensive packet that contains everything you need to file the lawsuit by mail, so you won't have to worry about printing, visiting the post office, or heading to the court in person to file the lawsuit.

    • We will make sure the court files your lawsuit and we'll keep you updated on the status.

    Serve Your Lawsuit

    • After your lawsuit is filed, the next step is to let the other party know that they have been sued. This is called serving.

    • Serving options vary by county (court clerk, sheriff, process server, or friend). On our intake, you will be able to review the options available in the county your lawsuit will be filed in.

    • Court Clerk- For counties with court clerk serving, we will let you know once the court clerk has served.

    • Sheriff- For counties with sheriff serving, we will help you get your lawsuit served,

    • Process Server- If you select that you would like a process server to server to serve the lawsuit, we manage the serving process for you.

    • Friend- For counties that allow you to have a friend serve the lawsuit, we'll ship your friend everything they need to serve the lawsuit.

    Help You Win by Preparing You for the Hearing

    You upload all your evidence like photos, receipts, and contracts.

    We have evidence checklists for different types of cases like security deposits, unpaid invoices, and car accidents.

    It is very important that your evidence is in order. We package it together in a specially organized, evidence packet in accordance with your court's procedures to make sure you're equipped to represent yourself.

    Our evidence packets are organized in a judge-friendly manner with a table of contents, page numbers, titles, and descriptions.

    You will be able to download and print the evidence packet before your hearing (we can also print and mail it to you).

    You will also have access to all our hearing preparation content including how to prepare for the hearing and what to say at the hearing.

    We Keep You Updated Each Step of the Way

    • You will receive reminders of the next steps and updates so you never miss a deadline.

    • You will have access to our team of customer success managers at each step.


    You can find our pricing here.

    People Clerk Team


    Camila Lopez

    Legal Educator @ People Clerk. Camila holds a law degree and is a certified mediator. Her passion is breaking down complicated legal processes so that people without an attorney can get justice.

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