The Small Claims Hearing- Alameda County

Learn what a small claims hearing is like in Alameda County, the small claims court limits, and what to expect at the Small Claims Hearing in Alameda.

The Small Claims Hearing - Marin County

Learn about what a small claims hearing is like in Marin County. How to prepare before the hearing date, small claims court limits in Marin.

How to Access Your Alameda County Small Claims Court Files Online

Did you know you can view and download filed documents for your Small Claims Court case in Alameda County online? Documents you, the other party, or the court files, will appear in the online case docket. The online case docket consists of a list of "events" in the case.

Alameda Small Claims Court

How to file a small claims lawsuit in Alameda County below. Common types of small claims lawsuits What to expect during a small claims hearing in Alameda. Small Claims Court Limits How much going to small claims costs

Alameda Small Claims Virtual Hearings

What better way to prepare for a small claims court hearing than hearing one live! Some courts are currently live streaming their small claims court hearings. While you will notice some variance between different courts, generally, they are very similar!