What to Do When a Friend Owes You Money

Did you loan money to a friend, family member, or co-worker but now they won't pay you back? It is a hard situation because you trusted them to repay you but now it has been months since you lent them the money. Your friend has put you in a difficult situation of playing "debt collector." In this article, we review out-of-court options to getting your money back and what to think about if you have to escalate the situation and sue your friend in small claims court to get your money back.

How to Sue a Contractor in Small Claims Court- California

Ready to learn how to sue a contractor in a California small claims court? Learning how to sue a contractor in a California small claims court might seem like a complicated process but in this article, we break down how small claims works! In this article learn about: Consider filing a complaint before suing a contractor in small claims How much you can sue a contractor for in small claims. How much going to small claims against a contractor costs.

How to file a complaint against a contractor in California

Hired a contractor to fix your floors, paint your house, or build a pool but they failed to properly complete the job? You have several options including submitting a complaint to the California Contractors State License Board. This article outlines the following ways to resolve your dispute against a contractor: File a complaint with the California Contractors State License Board, File a small claims court lawsuit in California Small Claims Court.

How to Sue Someone Who Owes You Money

Are you looking to sue someone who owes you money? For example, you lent someone money, someone breached a contract with you, or someone damaged your property. In this article, we review several options. Let us help you with your small claims court lawsuit.