How to Handle Loud Neighbors

You are tired of your neighbor's dog barking all night or their kid playing the drums at all hours of the day. You have not been able to work from home or sleep well at night due to all the noise your neighbors are making. In this article, we cover some of your options of how to handle loud neighbors.

How to Sue Your Neighbor in Small Claims Court

Are you looking to sue your neighbor in a California small claims court? In this article, learn about: Common types of small claims lawsuits between neighbors What to do before suing your neighbor in small claims. The maximum amount you can sue your neighbor for in small claims court is $10,000.

How to Sue Someone Who Owes You Money

Are you looking to sue someone who owes you money? For example, you lent someone money, someone breached a contract with you, or someone damaged your property. In this article, we review several options. Let us help you with your small claims court lawsuit.