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How to File an Arizona Attorney General Complaint (and Other Options)

Beca Roberts - Arizona Business Complaints - May 14, 2024

Thinking of filing a complaint against a business? Consider also sending a demand letter.

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    The Arizona Attorney General (AZAG) is the top legal advisor for Arizona, with broad responsibilities, including offering advice to state agencies and representing Arizona in legal disputes. Importantly, this office also investigates consumer complaints against businesses. They are known formally as the Office of the Arizona Attorney General. 

    If you’re struggling with unresolved issues with an Arizona company, filing a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General can be an effective next step. Additionally, if the issue remains unresolved, you may consider sending a formal legal letter to the company. Check out our demand letter tool.

    Common Types of Arizona Attorney General Complaints

    The Arizona Attorney General handles a range of consumer complaints, including those related to misleading or deceptive business practices. As well as discrimination in areas such as employment and housing. Please note, the Arizona AG doesn't accept all types of complaints, learn more in our guide on how to file a complaint against an Arizona business as there may be a different government entity that handles your complaint.

    Remember, if your complaint involves suspected illegal conduct by a business, you should contact your local district attorney or city attorney since the Arizona Attorney General does not deal with criminal issues.  

    How to Submit Your  Complaint

    There are several ways to file your complaint with the Arizona Attorney General.

    • By Phone: (602) 542-5763 (Phoenix)
      (520) 628-6648 (Tucson)
      (800) 352-8431 (outside metro Phoenix)

    • Online: Submit the complaint using their Online Form

    • By Mail: Download, fill out, and mail this form to either their Phoenix or Tuscan Location 

    Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Information and Complaints   
    2005 N Central Ave   
    Phoenix, AZ 85004

    Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Information and Complaints   
    400 W. Congress, South   
    Building, Suite 315  
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    • By Fax: (602)-542-4579

    What Information Do You Need to Have Available?

    Prepare to supply details like your contact information, the business’s name and address, any disputed sums, your connection to the business, and a clear explanation of your complaint. 

    If mailing your form, enclose copies of contracts, letters, advertisements, sales slips, proof of payment, warranties, papers or other documents that may support your complaint. Be sure to keep the originals for your records. 

    The complaint form also asks if you have already complained to the business and requests that you provide the business's response to your complaint. One clear way of proving that you have already tried to complain directly to the business is by writing a complaint letter (here is a template). You can then attach the letter to the complaint form.

    What Happens After You Submit the Complaint?

    The Arizona Attorney General will review your complaint and determine whether an investigation is warranted. While the office doesn’t engage in individual legal representation, it might act if there is a pattern of complaints against a particular entity. 

    Keep in mind that the attorney general won’t: 

    • Represent you or provide you with legal advice as an attorney would (they represent the interests of the state when there is a pattern of complaints).

    • Force the company to come to an agreement with you

    The attorney general will: 

    • Determine if they have jurisdiction over the complaint (the Arizona legislature decides what types of complaints they have authority over). 

    • Ask you if you would like your complaint forwarded to the business. Sometimes when the complaint is coming from the attorney general, this will signal to the business that you are serious about resolving the problem. 

    • Consider offering you free mediation between you and the business. Mediation is a meeting overseen by a neutral mediator who will help you and the business communicate about the problem. 

    What Happens if Your Complaint Doesn’t Resolve the Issue? 

    Step 1: Send a Demand Letter

    If there’s no action from the Arizona Attorney General’s side, consider sending a detailed demand letter to the offending business. Not sure where to start? We have a free tool that helps you write a demand letter. Check out our demand letter tool.

    Here is a video on how our demand letter tool works:

    Step 2: Explore Arizona Small Claims Court 

    If your issue isn’t resolved even after contacting the Arizona Attorney General, filing a lawsuit in an Arizona Small Claims Court can be your next option if the amount you are owed is less than $3,500. 

    Keep in mind that you don’t have unlimited time to file a lawsuit. The deadline to file a small claims lawsuit is outlined by the statutes of limitations in Arizona. 

    Typical small claims court cases involve:

    • Issues with returning security deposit 

    • Disagreements with towing services

    • Disputes with mechanics or contractors 

    • Complaints about businesses not providing agreed-upon goods or services


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