How to File a Countersuit in California Small Claims- Form SC-120

You were sued by someone in small claims court but, actually, they owe you money. Now what? You can file a lawsuit against the person who initially sued you. This is called a countersuit. Learn how to file a countersuit in California small claims using form SC-120 "Defendant's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court."

8 Tips on how to win your California Small Claims Lawsuit

We have created a list of 8 tips that will help you win your California small claims lawsuit. To many, it may come as a surprise that many of the tips listed below involve the procedure you have to follow even before you get to tell a judge about your lawsuit.

How to Write a Demand Letter

Before you can file a small claims court lawsuit in California, the court requires that you request your money or your property back from the person you intend to sue. You will have to confirm you have done this when you file your lawsuit. How to Demand Your Money or Property Back What to include in the Demand Letter

How to File a California Small Claims Court Lawsuit

Your ultimate step- by- step guide for California small claims. Learn how to file your California small claims court case.

Where to File a Small Claims Case

Are you wondering where can you process a Small Claims Lawsuit in California? Maybe you are not sure which Courts conduct Small claims hearings in California. Here you will find out how to Identify in which small claims court you can sue in your California County.