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How to file a Security Deposit small claims lawsuit near San Francisco, CA

Has your landlord failed to return your security deposit? For example: Your landlord kept your entire $2,500 security deposit. The deductions to your security deposit were more than $125 and your landlord didn't provide you with copies of the receipts for the deductions. Your landlord stopped answering your emails about your security deposit. In this article, learn how to take a landlord to small claims court.

San Francisco Small Claims Court

Thinking about filing a lawsuit in San Francisco Small Claims Court? We have summarized the relevant information you need to know for when you go to the San Francisco Small Claims Court. Small Claims Court Limits

How to Access Your San Francisco Small Claims Court Files Online

Did you know you can view and download filed documents for your Small Claims Court case in San Francisco online? Documents you, the other party, or the court files, will appear in the online case docket. The online case docket consists of a list of "events" in the case.