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Quick List of small claims forms in California

What forms do I need for California Small Claims Court?"

While California has tried to simplify the forms used in Small Claims Court, it can still be confusing to choose the right form to use and when it should be used. We have compiled a list of some frequently used forms in California Small Claims Court.

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Starting the Lawsuit

I am the one suing:

Plaintiff’s Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court (SC-100)

  • This form starts the California Small Claims Court lawsuit process.

  • It is also known as the "complaint" or "claim."

  • This is the first document you need to file if you are suing someone. Download here.

  • Once you complete this form, you are ready to file your small claims lawsuit.

Proof of Service (Small Claims) (SC-104)

I have been sued:

Defendant's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court (SC-120)

  • Someone sued you, now what?

  • You can sue someone who has sued you in the same case. This is called a countersuit. Download here.

Proof of Service (Small Claims) (SC-104)

The lawsuit has been filed. What's the next step?

Change Trial Date.

Go to court on behalf of a business or individual.

Get witnesses subpoenaed for trial.

Get documents subpoenaed for trial.

End the lawsuit.

For a full list of the forms, check out the California Courts website here. There also may be a court specific form for your local court. Check your local small claims court website to learn more.

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