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Los Angeles Small Claims Virtual Hearings

Camila Lopez - Los Angeles Small Claims Court - July 9, 2024

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    If you have sued or are being sued in one of the many Los Angeles Small Claims courts, you have the option of attending your hearing virtually on your computer or phone.

    When can you schedule the virtual hearing?

    You can only request the virtual hearing 30 days before your hearing or earlier.

    How much do virtual hearings cost?

    The court charges $15 for an audio-only/phone hearing (not recommended) and $23 for a video hearing (recommended). Your fees are waived if you asked the court for a waiver of your court fees.‍

    How do you request a virtual hearing?

    1. Click here to go to the LACourtConnect website.

    2. Is your hearing start time within 2 hours from now? Answer: No

    3. Is your hearing date more than 30 days from today? Answer: No

    4. Do you have evidence (receipts, pictures, etc) that you want to present to the Judge? Answer: Yes (we outline the Los Angeles Evidence Submission Procedure here)

    5. Click "sign up now" at the bottom (under the "sign in" button).

    6. Enter your email address and click "send verification code"

    7. On a new browser tab, go to your email and look for an email from "Microsoft on behalf of California Courts." Write down the verification code and return to the tab where you were signing up for LACourtConnect and enter the verification code.

    8. Set a password, enter a display name (your complete legal name), last name, first name, and cell phone number and click "create." (SAVE YOUR PASSWORD IN A SAFE PLACE)

    9. Click "Schedule"

    10. Enter your case number. (Found on your People Clerk Portal).

    11. Click "a party to the case."

    12. Select the hearing date and either "audio" or "video." (Video recommended)

    13. Click "Go to payment site" and enter payment info then click "next."

    14. Click the "Create Payment Authorization" button.

    15. Save the confirmation page (you will also receive an email). This step is very important since you will need the confirmation email to log in to the virtual hearing on the date of your hearing.

    What do I do if I have a problem creating an account?

    • The Los Angeles Courts have published a user guide if you need assistance with LACourtConnect.

    • Call the LACourtConnect Service Desk at 213-830-0400. Hours of Operation Monday-Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 pm.

    How to Attend your Hearing

    • Go to the confirmation email you received (do not go to the LACourtConnect website). Search your email inbox for:  [email protected].

    • Click the link in the email.

    • The system works best on a computer using chrome or firefox (IOS devises like iPhone or iPad) not recommended.


    Camila Lopez

    Legal Educator @ People Clerk. Camila holds a law degree and is a certified mediator. Her passion is breaking down complicated legal processes so that people without an attorney can get justice.

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